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Trauma & Yoga: Healing Your Mind

  Past Trauma Past trauma can trigger responses in our bodies and minds and affect how we live our day to day lives. When others feel stressed or anxious, they often have the ability to “shake it off”. This is not always the case for people who have experienced trauma in their past, and struggle with the lingering effects. Trauma can make you feel like a captive in your own body and mind. When something triggers you back to the feelings during your past trauma, it can cause your body to react based on the past. This feeling can be so overwhelming, especially considering that your body is responding in a way that you may not understand. How Yoga Heals So how does yoga really help these responses and ultimately heal our minds? Well, one of the greatest things yoga teaches us is how to breathe. Yep, seems so simple right? Just breathing deeply has vast benefits on our entire bodies. Slowing down and lengthening our breath can lower the stress hormones, cortisol and adrenaline. When we pra