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Bridging science and religion to heal the body

 In many religious texts, there are numerous ways to heal one’s self. Jesus, Buddha, and Krishna all preached similar stories of something or someone healing through enlightenment. That the self would have to die in order to fully live. When this occurs the self, gains knowledge, power, and all needs disappear (Hopper, 2013). The Merck Manual of Diagnosis and Therapy has many diagnoses with treatments that help alleviate or cure illness, pain, disease and disorders but none are a panacea for the human body as a whole (Porter & Kaplan, 2011). For centuries though, religion has been this for many. The downside to this, is not all religions have been able to miraculously cure disease. Jesus was known to practice miracles but what about the other religions? They might not accept this but many faiths overlap in belief. The things Jesus claimed, what Buddha and Krishna preached, as well as what Taoism teaches. Even the Greeks and Egyptians overlap in what they believed their Gods could do (Harris, 1993). This is where Reiki healing energy comes into play. All religions state there is a vital life force energy, regardless of what they call it; the Holy Spirit, God, the Great Spirit, Source, Enlightenment, Universal Knowledge, the Divine, they all have healing abilities at some level but which one heals the body in its entirety when it comes to disease or do they all? 


Reiki is just another term for this internal live force but it can be transferred from one person to another in order to heal (Earl E. Bakken Center for Spirituality & Healing, 2016). Masaru Emoto’s research also supports this. Emoto is a Japanese researcher who reports his findings on changing the molecular structure of water simply by using intention. This is projecting his energy in order to either harm or heal something external to himself (Emoto, 2005). Saying as the human body is mostly made of water, I would say our intention in protecting our energy does miracles but our disbelief and negativity block healing. Could it be that this type of power is what the Egyptians and Greeks understood their Gods to have? Is this what separates Jesus, Poseidon, and Isis from others? These Gods or Deities were said to possess supernatural powers but Stephano De Matias (2020) reports the Atlanteans having similar power because of their advancements in technology. Some of their technology came from within. External healing came from frequencies, eating clean, and living pure (Stephano, 2020). Plato also reports gaining information that coincides with present day historians on the existence of Atlantis (, 2002).


What if enlightenment is the universal power human’s all seek? Through a clear channel to the Divine, could we all have the ability to gain guidance higher than ourself? We may all have a chance to not only heal ourselves but others as well. Could it be possible that Jesus, Krishna, and Buddha were all trying to relay the same message? That everyone could have the power the Greek and Egyptian Gods had. That all humans have an innate ability to heal naturally without procedures, surgeries, and medications? World religions seem to think so but only through their own religious beliefs. If they all came together they might see the similarities between them. If they came together, it may support the medical field to get more on board since they were once aligned centuries ago. In the past religion and the medical field were aligned but for negative reasons. The recent research in Reiki may be a bridge for these two very separate fields to bridge together and finally discover that the panacea for healing is simply the human body itself.  

-Jacqueline Campbell




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